Two Brothers of Political Prisoner Ayaz Seifkhah Detained

Jafar and Ahad, the two brothers of the activist Ayaz Seifkhah- a South Azerbaijani political prisoner were also arrested by the Ministry of Security and Intelligence Services of the occupying regime of Iran.

On March 6, a large number of intelligence agents in civilian attire stormed into the residence of Ayaz Seifkhah in the village of Kalankesh near Tabriz. South Azerbaijan to conduct a search and seizure of the activists phone, computer and other belongings.

Two brothers of Ayaz were brutalized and detained by the intelligence agents. One of the brothers was released later however, Ahad Seifkhah is still in custody and is presumed to have been subjected to inhuman treatments and tortures.

The prisoner activist Ayaz Seifkhah was detained in the village of Kalankesh near Tabriz on February 5 and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran without any offical charges.