Lawyer: “A Mother Tong Activist Sentenced To 8 Years While A Murderer Sentenced To 7 Years!

Sina Yusifi, a prominent South Azerbaijani lawyer and a member of the East Azerbaijan Bar Association, shared this on his Twitter account.

“While one of my clients was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his activities in the field of mother tongue and for publishing a book in Turkish, the criminal who beheaded his wife was sentenced to 7.5 years,”

Sina Yusifi did not disclose the identity of his client.

A while ago, Sina Yusifi made a similar post and stated that another of his clients was sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment and 2 years of exile by Iranian court.

“Some time ago, I went to the “Martyr Saint” Court in Evin prison to investigate the criminal case of one of the attorneys who was sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment and 2 years of exile. I was expecting a thick file containing several volumes, but the whole file was 32 pages,” Yusufu wrote. .

According to him, in the verdict issued against the defendant, it was noted that he wrote his memoirs in Turkish and Latin script, and this was a rebellion against the official language of the country.