Journalists Abulfaz Purhuseyngulu & Arash Shadmand Held Incommunicado

Abulfaz Purhuseyngulu, a well-known journalist and social media activist, was detained by security officials of Kaleybar East Azerbaijan on September 29.

On September 30, cultural activist and art teacher, photographer Arash Shadmand was also detained by security officials of the occupying regime of Iran.

Authorities have not provided the families of the journalists any information on their charges and whereabouts.

However, it is believed that the reason for the detention of both activists was the spread of information about the rape of 5 schoolchildren by a teacher affiliated with the Basij forces in Ahar.

They spread the word on their social media network, saying the culprit had not been punished.

Following the news of the rape, the Friday imam of Qalaibar, Seyyed Said Rashadi, accused social media activists of “insulting Islamic saints” and demanded that they be punished.

Abulfaz Purhueyngulu was the editor-in-chief of “Arman-i Azadi”, “Nasim-e Garadagh” and “Makiyal” publications.

Arash Shadmand worked as a correspondent and photographer for Nasim-e Garadagh. At the same time, he opened a channel on the social network Telegram and worked to spread news about Garadagh.

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