Schoolchildren chanting slogans against the government were beaten in Ardabil-VIDEO

The principal of Miygat secondary school, located on Azadeghn Street in Ardabil city of South Azerbaijan committed violence against the students.

The reason for this was that some students chanted anti-government slogans during the morning ceremony, different from the pro-government slogans in schools.

The headmaster humiliated and beat some of the students.

There are hundreds of facts about bullying and expulsion of students who boycott government events in schools.

Some time ago, the Council of Trade Unions of Iranian Education Workers condemned the entry of security, military and civilian uniformed forces into schools as a “violation of the privacy of schools and educational spaces” and “systematic repression”.

It should be noted that on October 13, the students of “Shahid” secondary school of Ardabil rejected the request of the officials for a rally in favor of the government and raised slogans against the government.

As a result of the harsh intervention of the government forces and the beating of the students, a student named Asra Panahi Khangah lost her life, while female students named Aytek Mikayili and Hana Duzduzani were hospitalized with serious injuries. Reportedly, Aytak succumbed to her injuries and died the next day in hospital.
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