South Azerbaijani Political Prisoners Gone on Hunger Strike

Abbas Lisani a prominent South Azerbaijani political and compatriot activist has gone on a hunger strike on May 27th 2019 demanding proper review of his appeal by the Iranian Islamic Tribunal. Mr. Lisani has been in Ardabil Prison on the bogus charge of “inciting separatist rebellion.” In solidarity with Mr. Lisani another Turkish activist has declared hunger strike. Ibrahim Nuri who is in Tehran’s Evin Prison for his cultural and political activism said in his statement he has gone on hunger protest, demanding the judiciary to respect Mr. Lisani’s civil rights.

Reportedly, Ms. Hakima Ahmadi, another South Azerbijani activist who has been held arbitrarily in Maragha’s Intelligence agency has also gone on hunger strike 2 weeks earlier demanding her release. She was arrested in October 2018 and since than has not been officially charged. Her husband was brutally assaulted in many occasions by Revolutionary Guard’s agents merely due to dissemination of information about Mrs. Ahmadi’s torture which resulted in fracture of her ribs.