S. AZERBAIJAN Demands: “Freedom, Justice, Autonomic Government”

In the night of September 27, through September 29th protests held in Tabriz included slogans against the government and national slogans.

The participants of the protests who chanted the slogans ” neither a king nor a sheikh, I am a patriot, a patriot” and “Freedom, Justice, Autonomic Government” were attacked by special armed forces.

Especially in the demonstrations held in groups of several hundred people in Rushdiyya neighborhood of Tabriz, there was a clash between the government forces and the protesters.

Social network activists wrote that the Internet was cut off, and that government officials made special efforts to prevent video and photo taking.

According to their information, drivers from Tabriz stopped their cars in the middle of the road in order to prevent the movement of vehicles belonging to special forces and SEPAH in Rushdiyya neighborhood and protested to the government officials with continuous honking sounds.

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