AHRAZ Publishes: The List Of Identified S.Azerbaijani Detainees

The flowing is the most recent report published by Shahin Khiavi, the head of the AHRAZ- Association for the Human Rights of the Azerbaijani people ( South Azerbaijan)

“Many Azerbaijani civilians have been arrested by the security agents from the beginning of the recent protests against petrol price hike and unfavorable living conditions. Due to internet shut down and not having access to free media since 16 th November 2019, there is no clear information regarding their situation. We should add that despite the fact that the central prison of Tabriz has capacity for only 2000 prisoners, currently, more than 7000 people are kept in this prison. According to our contact with their families and friends we could confirm that 73 Azerbaijani civil rights activists are among the arrested people.
The name and the location of the arrested people are as follows:

  1. Arash Farhadzadeh
  2. Hadi Hossainnejad
  3. Salar Mirzaei
  4. Nima Radifi
  5. Morteza Ebadi
  6. Abolfazl Pourjamal
  7. Morteza Lotfi
  8. Shahin Valipour Fard
  9. Vahid
  10. Akbar Karimpour
  11. Omid Khodai
  12. Amin Bozorgi
  13. Nader Pourhaji
  14. Mohammadhossain Etemadpour
  15. Ali Amiri
  16. Farshad Valipour
  17. Farhad Valipour
  18. Reza Khosroshahi (released temporarily)
  19. Salar Mirzaii
  20. Shayan Herisnejad
  21. Said Qaemmaqami
  22. Sirus Vahedi (released temporarily)
  23. Saed Shirazi
  24. Mohammad Talesh
  25. Milad Allahverdizadeh
  26. Shahin Valipour
  27. Mohammad Akbarzadeh
  28. Ali Akbari (released temporarily)
  29. Mojtaba Poursaleh
  30. Behruz Farid Gulluja (released temporarily)
  31. Habib Khataii
  32. Milad Rasouli
  33. Samad (From Qoshachay)
  34. Saleh Kamyari (released temporarily)
  35. Babak Hosseini Moqaddam
  36. Davoud Shirnejad
  37. Ayyub Shiri
  38. Rouzbeh Piri
  39. Shahin Barzgar
  40. Yashar Piri
  41. Akbar Mohajeri
  42. Faraz Norouzi
  43. Mohammad Mahmoudi
  44. Hojjat Mokhtarzadeh (Transferred to Tabriz Prison)
  45. Akbar Rasekhi
  46. Atilla Zare
  47. Asghar Kazemi (released temporarily)
  48. Shahriar Ahadzadeh
  49. Alireza Baghban
  50. Continues
  51. Ali Azizi (released temporarily)
  52. Salar Taheri (released temporarily)
  53. Davoud Shirinejad
  54. Ghaffar Rezaiyan
  55. Mohammad Ghaffari
  56. Akbar Ramazani
  57. Majid Fakhri
  58. Alireza Moharrami
  59. Hamid Doosti
  60. Bahram Jafari
  61. Continues

Mr. Shahin Khiavi
the head of the AHRAZ at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva

Qoshachay (Miandoab):

  1. Tohid Khademi
  2. Ahmad Abedi
  3. Ilqar Mehrasa
  4. Afsaneh Abbasi
  5. Pedram Alinejad
  6. Ehsan Tizvir
  7. Arman Tizvir
  8. Continues
    Tehran and Karaj:
  9. Mansour Fathi
  10. Saleh Ekrami
  11. Ali Ebrahimi
  12. Continues
  13. Morteza Shokri
  14. Continues
    This list is not complete and AHRAZ is trying to provide a comprehensive list soon.
    According to our contact with the families of some of the prisoners, AHRAZ noticed clear human rights violations by the security agents at the moment of arrest of these prisoners. The security agents created fear and chaos in front of their families while arresting them. Some examples of these violations are:
    ● Security agents have arrested an Azerbaijani activist Akbar Mohajeri in his home in Tabriz while his two small kids were present at the moment and were observing the way they arrested him and one of his kids is suffering from the shock happened in that time.
    ● After arresting an Azerbaijani activist Mohammad Mahmoudi, the security office has summoned his wife and daughter forcing them to confess against him.
    ● The interrogator has detained his family members temporarily while they were asking about the reason that why he does not release Meysam Jolani, an Azerbaijani activist who got arrested in Ardabil. Meysam Jolani was supposed to be released temporarily with a bail. His family members got released later by the order of judge.
    Some of the families of the prisoners around Azerbaijani provinces of Iran informed us that the detainees had a chance to call their family only on the first day of their detention and after that they did not have any permission to call their families. Therefore, families are concerned about the detainees’ situation. We should add that according to the families none of the detainees had access to lawyer and they have been deprived of seeing their families. Some of the families reported us that some of the detainees got tortured during their detention. The following detainees suffered from torture during their detention:
  1. Akbar Mohajeri
  2. Mohammad Mahmoudi
  3. Ayyub Shiri
  4. Babak Hosseini Moqaddam
  5. Yashar Piri
  6. Shahin Barzgar
    Association for the Human Rights of the Azerbaijani people in Iran “AHRAZ” request the Iran’s officials to cease the unlawful arrests and provide fair trial for the arrested people. The officials should assure that the arrested people are having their lawful rights such as having
    access to lawyers and meeting their families. “
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