Ettelaat Detains Shiri Brothers

Brothers Ayyub and David Shiri are being held in the detention center of the local branch of ETTELAAT, the Ministry of Security and Intelligence. The brothers themselves informed their relatives about this during a 30-second short telephone conversation.

A report on the arrest of Eyyub Shiri states that a large number of security officers raided the workplace in four cars to arrest him.

After detaining Shayub Shirin, officers dismantled all the cells near his workplace.

In the evening of May 19, Eyyub Shiri was arrested at his workplace, and Davud Shiri was arrested and taken to an unknown place after leaving a mourning ceremony.

Earlier, the Shiri brothers were released on August 23, 2021 after serving six months in a Tabriz prison.

Both brothers were previously detained and interrogated for their national and cultural activities, as well as for participating in public rallies.