Kurdish Terrorists Shot 3 Civilians Turks in Maku, South Azerbaijan

Armed terrorist Kurds shot at the population and killed 3 civilians during the attack to take over the lands of the local Azerbaijanis.

Fearing the spread of protests by local Azerbaijanis after the incident, Maku’s representative in the Iranian parliament, Mohammad Alipur Rahmati, was sent to the scene along with a group of security and police forces.

“The law and the government support the armed Kurds, not us. If this continues, I will put on a shroud and fight with the population against the terrorist groups in the region.

Don’t let the death toll go from 3 to 10 or 20. Where have you been until today, why are you not ensuring the safety of the people. They were PEJAK’s terrorists,” said one of the women of Nado village, where her brother was killed, addressing the MP and government officials accompanying her.

She objected to the fact that the representatives of the authorities called this incident an armed conflict and reminded that it was a one-sided attack by the Kurds.

“You call this a conflict. What is a conflict in this? The Kurds launched an armed attack to occupy our lands. How can this be called a mutual conflict when we don’t have weapons?”, says the Nadol woman.

Another villager tells the government representatives and MP that there is a plan to exterminate the local population.

“They want to destroy us. This is the historical land of the Turks. They invaded our land with weapons and they are shedding the blood of the Turks,” said another villager, criticizing the government’s failure to protect the local Turks.