Peaceful South Azerbaijani Protesters Transferred Into Custody of Terrorists

South Azerbaijani patriots Rahim and Sadullah Sasani have been transferred from Tabriz Central Prison to custody of the Intelligence of the Sepah -İslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which is recognized as a terrorist organization in the free world. It is feared that the activists are at risk of torture.

Hakima Ahmadi , Yasemin Zafari, Magsud Fazli Chimenzamini

Yasemin Zafari, Hakima Ahmadi and Magsud Fazli Chimenzamini, who were detained during a rally in front of the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tabriz are being held incommunicado.

The Intelligence agents of the occupying regime of iran also raided Yasemin Zafari’s home on July 23 and confiscated the activist’s personal belongings. Security forces also raided the homes of Rahim and Sadullah Sasani on July 25 and confiscated their personal belongings, including several books.

Rahim and Sadullah Sasani and Hamid Jabbari

There is no information about the condition of Hamid Jabbarli, who was detained during a rally in front of the Armenian embassy in Tehran in support of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Tehran resident was only able to contact his family once after the national activist was detained by security forces on July 16.

The most recent military aggression of the occupying regime of Armenia against Tovus region of the Republic of Azerbaijan has triggered several protest in the Southern Azerbaijani cities of Tabriz and Urmia and Tehran on July 16th 2020.

Frightened by the rally, the security forces of the occupying regime of Iran carried out mass arrests before, during and after the rally. The occupying regime of Tehran has always supported Armenia against muslim majority state of Azerbaijan.

Armenians have been permitted to launch large anti-Turkish rallies in Tehran on the anniversaries of Armenian so called mass killings during Ottomans. However, the peaceful rallies and gatherings of the Azərbaijani Turks in support of Turkey or the Republic of Azerbaijan have always been suppressed by security forces and followed by mass arbitratrary detentions.

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