Political Prisoner’s Life At Imminent Risk

The South Azerbaijani political prisoner , Amir Sattari’s life who has been on 11th day of his hunger strike is at serious risk.

It is reported that Mr. Sattari has been transferred to the Tabriz Prison’s clinic for intensive care. He was physically abused by the prison authority who attempted to force-feed the activist.

Amir is merely demanding proper review of his appeal as he believes he has been wrongfully convicted to 7 months imprisonment.

Mr. Settari has been sentenced to 7 months in prison merely due to his activities on social media. He has been serving his sentence since January 1st 2019 in Central Prison of Tabriz, the occupied territory of South Azerbaijan.

Reportedly, Abbas Lisani, Mrs. Hakima Ahmadi in Maraga Prison and Ibrahim Nouri in Tehran’s Evin Prison have been forced to halt their hunger strike.

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