S. Azerbaijani Activists Convicted

The occupying regime of Iran convicted the Azerbaijani activists who took part in the rally in support of Karabakh liberation.
Activists protesting in support of Karabakh in southern Azerbaijan have been sentenced to one year in prison and 60 lashes.
Many S. Azerbaijani civil activists including Mrs. Hakim Ahmadi, Ms. Yasemen Zafari, Sadullah Sasani, Rahim Sasani, Mehdi Purali Khurmalu, Hadi Gulizadeh, Majid Akbari, Behzad Sheikh, Sadiq Parto Beyrag, Ali Abi Khizr, Ali Muradiyan, Mehdi Asadi Gulzar and Abulfaz Ibrahimzadeh have been sentenced to one year in prison and 60 lashes for “disturbing public order, illegal assembly and disobedience to officials.” They merely participated in peaceful rallies took place in South Azerbaijani cities in support of liberation of Karabagh from Armenian invaders. During the 44 days of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Iran supported Armenia by all means.

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