South Azerbaijanis Demanding Liberty Clash with “Iran”‘s Security Forces- Video Reportage

The decision of occupying regime of Tehran to increase the fule price 300 percent has angered Southern Azerbaijanis who stopped their vehicles and marched into streets of many cities including the capitals Tabriz and Urmia, Zengan and Ardebil to protest the government’s social, economic and cultural policies.

They chanted anti government slogans in their mother language, Turkic indicating “Azerbaijan is awake and demanding it’s rights”

Thousands in Tabriz and Urmia chanted the national anthem of South Azerbaijan People Republic of 1945, insinuating that Azerbaijan demands it’s independence.

The security forces attacked the protestors with tear gas, water cannons and rubber clubs. Reportedly, many were injured and hundreds were arrested. According to unverified reports there have been a few casualties in S. Azerbaijan one of whom is identified as Ali Huseini.

The regime of Tehran has completely cut off internet and cellular services to fully isolate the country from rest of the world.

Urmia, South Azerbaijan

Tabriz, Zengan, Ardebil, and other cities of South Azerbaijan

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